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Smtp server unlimited for email marketing send inbox to all by issend.com

Website Service : https://www.issend.com

IsSend (Email Marketing) Sending Very Fast.

Our goal and current inboxing rate is 100%. We calculate this number through third-party partners who measure the top 45 email domains out there (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, AOL, etc.).


The SMTP server can connect by any bulk email marketing software.


Package 200GB

Send 10 Million Emails/per Month

Send 333.000 Emails per day

Data usage "Bandwith" 200 GB

Two Free Business email (2Webmail)

Free Software bulk email sending(Unlimited)

Two Smtp server secure SSL/TLS settings

Dedicated IP adresse

Descuss with priority support 24/7


Link: https://www.issend.com/product-page/issend-smtp-200gb-usage


(IsSend) how do i start sending emails?

You will receive a software sent unlimited mails, with a business email domain (webmail) you do not need hosting, and you will receive information from your secure server SSL / TLS settings smtp, to connect server, and start sent the emails, Successfully




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