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YouTube shooting: Attack at California headquarters

YouTube shooting: Attack at California headquarters


POLICE have swarmed California’s YouTube headquarters after a shooter sent terrified workers scrambling for their lives.

The headquarters in San Bruno, California, was placed on lockdown and workers were evacuated from the building.

Police said the incident remains an active situation and the investigation was ongoing.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said a woman believed to be the shooter was found dead inside the building with a “self-inflicted wound”.

Chief Barberini told a media conference officers found a victim with a gunshot wound in front of the building.

A second person was found inside with a possible “self inflicted gunshot wound” while two other victims were then found inside.

“It was chaotic, as you can imagine,’ he said.

“We did encounter one victim with an apparent gunshot wound towards there. Several minutes later while conducting a search of the area, where officers located a second individual with a gunshot wound. We’re still working on confirming that.”

Chief Barberini said four people were taken to hospital for gunshot related wounds.

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