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Easy and Fast: How to Clean a Shower Head With White Vinegar.

Easy and Fast: How to Clean a Shower Head With White Vinegar.

There are things at home that you do not think you need to clean up. Example: the washing machine. Supposed to clean our clothes, why would we need to clean it ?! Does not she clean herself ?! No, no! As we saw in this trick, the washing machine also needs to be cleaned! Here is another thing that we do not think to clean because it is meant to clean us: I named the shower head! Well, I can tell you that this is something you should really watch closely!



Between the limestone and dirt stuck by the soap, the shower head gets dirty very quickly. But I reassure you right away, it's a breeze to clean it. It's been 4 years since we moved into our house but I never thought about cleaning the shower head. In fact, I had never taken the time to look at what state it was ...



But last week, my eyes locked on it because the water did not flow really as usual ... And there, horror! I saw tartar debris that was blocking the little holes. It was necessary to act quickly to clean this shower head full of limestone! No need to buy chemicals! This trick is natural and super effective. Look: What you need


What you need

  • 1 freezer bag -
  • 1 bottle of white vinegar
  • - 1 elastic
  • -1 microfiber cloth -
  • lemon essential oil How to
  • 1. Take a freezer bag.
  • 2. Fill it with white vinegar so that the pommel is completely immersed.
  • 3. Add 3 or 4 drops of lemon essential oil.
  • 4. Immerse the shower head in the bag.

5. Close the bag with the elastic to keep it in place.

6. Leave on overnight.

7. In the morning, remove the shower head bag and simply wipe with a microfiber cloth. result

There you go ! Your shower head is nickel and without scrubbing :-) Easy and fast, is not it? Goodbye, tartar and dirt! Vinegar dissolved all the limestone during the night. Now, the water is flowing like the first day. Given the price of a good shower head, it is better to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible!


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