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7 day cucumber diet that makes you lose pounds fast!




7 day cucumber diet that makes you lose pounds fast!



If you are looking to lose weight, but you also have trouble controlling your diet, we advise you to try this easy cucumber diet.

With this diet, you can achieve significant results in just one week or 10 days at most. All you need is some specific natural products and be physically active at all times.

Ingredients :
The main ingredient for this diet is cucumber. You can eat it in unlimited amounts in your meals, but most importantly, you can consume it every time you feel really hungry.

In addition, cucumber is good for your entire body because it stimulates the metabolism, purifies the body, helps digestion and cleanses the intestines.

In addition, cucumber can help the body get rid of excess water, especially if you consume it daily. It can be perfect for a complete detox, eliminate acne and clean the entire skin on the face.

7 day cucumber diet that makes you lose pounds fast!
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By Alain Desmèches 4 weeks ago
Cucumber diet that you can include in your diet:
The breakfast :

Buy low-fat yogurt with no added sugars and add 200 g sliced ​​cucumbers. Mix them well and enjoy. If you are still hungry, you can cut two peaches or an apple and eat them.

Breakfast :

2 potatoes

300 g of fresh fruit

1 Cucumber

Drinks: tea, coffee without sugar

Instructions :

Start by boiling the potatoes or baking them, depending on your choice. Eat them with a few slices of whole wheat bread and a sliced ​​cucumber. Later as a snack, you can cut fresh fruit and make a fruit salad. Also, for a drink, you can consume coffee or tea, but no sugar.

Having dinner :

For dinner, you will not need to eat a lot of food, you will only need 300 g of fruit that you like and make a fruit salad.

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For the best results:

If you want the best results for just 7 days, you will need to focus on a more rigorous diet. For breakfast, eat only yogurt with 200 g of cucumber and fruit. For lunch, eat only a large plate of cucumber salad with a piece of dried bread. While for dinner, you must eat only a fruit salad

source : http://www.world-weight-loss.com/2018/01/7-day-cucumber-diet-that-makes-you-lose.html

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