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Why Seniors Need To Eat Right And Healthy As They Age
• Medical Conditions Develop: Health problems are common when you age. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are the common problems that affect aging adults. As a result, you become sensitive to certain foods and hence, need to make changes in your diet.
• Poor Immune System: As you age, your immune system weakens. The chances of developing food poisoning or food-related diseases increase. By taking care to eat healthy, immune-boosting food, you can keep common ailments at bay.
• Need for Fewer Calories: To maintain healthy weight, you require fewer calories. Less energy, reduced physical activity, muscle/joint issues and loss of muscle mass cause your metabolism to slow down. This minimizes your calorie needs.
• Other Factors: You may begin taking medications that affect your appetite; oral health problems can prevent you from eating; or losing a close family member or spouse can take a toll on your regular eating habits.


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